Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Health and Safety French style

I've been dying to share this little gem with you.

What is it about D.I.Y shops that make your head spin and your brain turn to mush ? "We've just got time to pop into the D.I.Y shop" announces His Lordship. "Are you coming in too?" Well I ALWAYS feel obliged to wander behind but truth be known the experience does nothing for me. There's this certain D.I.Y shop in Carcassonne that I always swear I will never have to visit ever again. It is an complete health and safety hazard, I am always amazed that they are allowed tocarry on trading, but there you go, same old story "This is France".

Oh, but the other day took the biscuit completely, even His Lordship looked in complete disbelief.

At the exit (where there is always a queue) balanced on two cardboard boxes about face height was a lit gas fire. A LIT GAS FIRE, unbelievable. No safety guard, no notice, no nothing. Just an accident waiting to happen.

As we exited (fast) I couldn't help but snort in disbelief " Huh, Health and Safety French style", and do you know ? for once His Lordship had to agree with me !!!!!!!!!

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