Tuesday, 7 November 2006

3 Million Seats Free

Ryan Air are offering three million seats FREE. This latest amazing offer always delights and depresses me insofar as it's wonderful for my gite and bed and breakfast as Carcassonne is only a mere 20 mins away. However, I personally do not benefit from these 'simply must have' bargains because I don't know anyone in Liverpool, which is one of the routes direct to Carcassonne, so I can't go and see them, and in return there's no-one to come and see me. Oh well, thats 3 million people more thrilled than little old me with the offer then.

One of the many joys however of living down here in the South of France (must not mention the terrific weather again) is the welcome arrival of food parcels kindly bought over from Blighty for us poor deprived souls surviving on mouthwatering cheeses, succulent fresh fruit and veg from local markets and a staggering selection of wines.

2b favours McVities biscuits especially chocolate digestives (who doesn't ?) and Ribena. The Small Cross One goes for copies of The Beano and Starbursts. I'm rewarded with a fresh supply of second hand books and quietly pocket the Scottish Shortbread. His Lordship is a Horseradish Sauce sort of chap.

On this occasion however 2b was just a tad too enthusiastic as he gulped down a large glass of Ribena. Have you ever seen anyone choking ? Frightening. Within seconds he could not speak and had turned completely puce with bulging eyes and was gesturing frantically. At this point His Lordship stepped in pretty smartly as 2b was hanging on for dear life from the rail of the Aga. From behind he pulled his diaphram up against his lungs. "He could have died" I wailed. "Don't be so dramatic" he retorted, "he had another minute and a half to go before he passed out"

Now I'm not normally a Pastis girl but a large glass complete with chunks of ice seemed to be seriously in order.

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