Monday, 13 November 2006

Easy Jet and Skype

The day has started off with a call to Easyjet, or should I say I try to call Easy Jet. Hard Jet more like. All to do with car hire and an offer with Europcar. Apparently Europcar don't always know of the offers they are supposed to be offering until they have an irrate customer in front of them expecting a Mercedes and not a Fiat Punto. I've ordered an instant upgrade, just like Easy Jet promised but there is no record of this through Europcar. Just a confirmation of a booking for a Fiat Punto or is it Uno ? who knows and who cares ? I know it's going to be four of us squeezed into some crappy little tin box and everyone is going to be cross with me until I sort it out, which I would gladly do if I could get hold of Hard Jet.

Still, I grappled with Skype this morning and Wallflower and I were screaming with laughter. Well I was but she couldn't hear me on account of me not having a microphone but she could see me waving and I could hear her faintly through the speakers but could not see her, on account of her not having a webcam. So we are, very nearly there then wouldn't you say ?

Meanwhile e bay beckons with it's 10p listing day so it's on with the thinking cap. I've got to incorporate Package Holidays, Cheap Flights, Luxury, France, Holiday, New Year and December. Easy Peasy.

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