Monday, 27 November 2006

Fresh English Strawberries

Last night I had knocked up the most delicious Fruit Flan - French Style. Homemade crème patissière to boot. The Sunday before they had all been presented with a Lemon and Walnut Tart. You would have thought everyone would have been dancing around the Aga whooping with sheer delight but there was a suspicious silence. "You know we love apple crumble" someone mumbled, and worse to come, "Why can't you make a meringue with fresh strawberries and whipped cream like Grandpa's ? Oh yes, fresh English strawberries and whipping cream a complete doddle to find down here in France profond in November.

My crowning glory yesterday though was my bonfire of lovely dry leaves from the numerous fig trees. This morning it was still smoking nicely and I nipped out in my pj's taking the precaution of popping on my trusty Hunter wellingtons.

The Small Cross One appeared at the back door. "Get inside" she ordered. "No-one but no-one does the gardening at seven in the morning in their pj's and wellingtons".

"I do" I replied and carried on blissfully as the sun rose heralding another beautiful day.

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