Thursday, 9 November 2006

Riley Classic Car

His Lordship and I are enjoying the warm November sunshine sitting in the office, windows wide open overlooking the vines and the Pyrenees beyond. Sometimes our guests have the nerve to suggest that it's all wine and sun for us but I strenuously deny this of course !

We have come up with the most wonderful romantic package. The Grand Duchess will collect the happy couple from the airport where they will be whisked back in style to The Chateau. On arrival a bottle of chilled champagne awaits them.

I suggest that we test drive this idea immediately without the bother of the airport !

His Lordship however being of the more sensible of the two of us puts his foot firmly down. If we are seen to be enjoying ourselves too much he reasonably points out then people might imagine that our lives are one long holiday, can't have that, can we ?

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