Sunday, 19 November 2006

Warning.....This picture is REALLY SCARY !!!!!!!!!

I realise I've been pootling along at a gentle pace with my blog and I feel I may have lulled some of you into a false sense of, well, thinking we led a quiet gentle life here in France profonde and did nothing but knock back Pastis and admire the beautiful countryside. Heaven forbid, whatever and whoever gave you that impression should be made to do their Christmas shopping the Saturday before Christmas in England.

No, some days the temperature really rises here, and hey, for once we ain't talking about the sun. Why only last week His Lordship landed this boy on my kitchen table with a flourish. "Don't say I don't love you" he cries aloud. I did the same yesterday too only it was with a particularly fine green cabbage, there are so many ways to show people you care don't you think ?

Well His Lordship is sharpening up his best Sabatier knife and there's a purposeful gleam in his eye. "Hold on" I cry, "this boy deserves his portrait taken before he is beheaded"

I'm now lying face to face with the brute and trying to focus my camera.

Suddenly there's a gentle tapping on the kitchen window. It's the lovely La Poste. "Saleeeeeeeee" she shrieks "c'est quoi la raison pour laquelle t'embrasse le poisson"? (what is the reason for kissing the fish?)

There really was no answer.

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