Thursday, 25 January 2007

Burns Night

I'm rather stumped when it comes down to finding a Haggis for my Burns Night. Same goes for the ingredients for bashed neeps, the right potatoes for chappit tatties, and fresh skye raspberries are a definite no go. It's a shame really as Burns Night provides the perfect excuse for some serious fun. Furthermore your kilt can be retrieved from the back of the cupboard and you can play Scottish Reels all night and seriously upset your teenagers. In short a recipe for a great evening, Haggis or no Haggis.
I explain to His Lordship that all I can rustle up for the occassion is cock-a-leekie and maybe some fluffy buttery mash with some French spuds.
"A dish of garlic snails would be nice" he murmurs. I pretend I haven't heard, but on further reflection and serious contemplation to the pressing matter in hand decide to go out and buy a bottle of whiskey.
I suppose snails and whiskey will have to qualify under the circumstances.

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