Amor Amor

The Small Cross One sat patiently waiting for Valentine offerings to come her way. Eventually some young laddie turned up to the village on a motorbike clutching a bottle of Amor Amor by Cacharel. It was rather an expensive outing for him though as he was nabbed by the local police for riding round without his helmet on. 90 euros later I would have thought his Amor was well dampened but the scent smells nice enough on me.

Our old cat who is now heavily pregant has returned to the family since being driven out by the dog who frightened everyone away and has sadly departed. Being in the business of attracting people rather than repelling them she has been encouraged to sit closeby to a spot from which there have been suspicious scratchings sounds being emitted.

On the subject of suspicious sounds there is an Ikea cane chair in the office that is permanently creaking for no apparent reason at all times of the day and night. Seeing as we have five other identical chairs that remain silent we are all of the same opinion as to its cause.

Difficult to ascertain really then what the market is for a home with peculiar sounds. Do I offer the explanation as harmless small mice seeking warmth in the winter ? a friendly ghost ? or do I blame the arrival on some much welcomed heat from the southern sun pouring through the windows and making everything creak ?

As I've had three enquiries in two days asking if we would sell the house and two firm bookings for holidays I'll simply carry on with the business in hand, making the house beautiful for my visitors whilst wafting around in a haze of Amor Amor.


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