English Snow

You would be under the impression viewing the French news that the whole of England was under a thick blanket of snow. Not true, here in Dorset it has been a rather pleasant day with quite long spells of sunshine. His Lordship keeps phoning to see if we are snowed in. I have to keep assuring him that I am still capable of getting to the shops to spend money and he really must not worry unduly.

Yesterday I did something that I have never done before and I enjoyed it so much that I shall be repeating the experience. I discovered bus travel in the UK and for the princely sum of £5.10p I sat back and admired the countryside of the Mendips. We went through Wells and Glastonbury and I was rather sorry I hadn't got the time to hop off and explore them further.

According to His Lordship we now have some wonderful new deal on the French telephone that gives us unlimited time for an all in one price. I'm rather fearful that he must have somehow got the facts wrong and having spent a lifetime of gassing guiltily its going to take a while to enjoy this new found freedom and 'let myself go' in a manner of speaking.

Meanwhile I have left the responsibility of bookings and enquiries in the very competent hands of the crew back home. Since yesterday there have been no reports of a new booking but no reports of cancellations in my absence so I really must sit back and relax and enjoy my few days..........

that's if we don't get snowed in.


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