Saturday, 10 March 2007

Cool Cat

The In-house chef has taken a turn for the worse, not food poisoning I hasten to add, so the sous chef has taken a step forward. C'est moi. Am now busy doodling menus. Think of all my favourite food and cook it. Simple. Only I do perform better as sous rather than chief but I'm cool (ish). So why am I feeling stressed ?

Seemed to have a mini hurricane in the middle of the night which blew a window into the attic. It just had to fall on a plate dating back to 1785 and completely scatter all the paperwork. Cannot check the tiles on the roof because a) its blowing a gale b)I detest heights. I expect when we have a torrential downpour I'll be able to ascertain the damage. Still, must remain calm as guests arrive tomorrow.

Strange goings on again. Went up to the Ham Room where we keep more junk. There under my feet were a set of car keys that were lost four years ago. Just sitting in the middle of the floor and appearing as though by magic. Have you any idea how much strain those missing keys caused in my marriage as the car sat at a wonky angle for six months completely slap bang outside the house ? You want to try replacing a set of keys for a classic car in France when the anti theft locking device is jammed.

To round off the day nicely I made a horrendous boo boo for a weekend letting. Like on the price. Fantastic bargain for them, not so hot for me. The blame lies fairly and squarely at my door but I feel a complete twit. Had to admit mistake to His Lordship and am now using deep breathing techniques to combat annoyance with myself.

Why can't I just be a seriously Cool Cat ?

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