Monday, 12 March 2007

Wishful Thinking

The monkey did a fine performance last night and enthralled everyone with its fine tuned juggling act, even though I say so myself. Whilst greeting our new arrivals, after having rushed to Carcassonne airport to sort out a car hire problem, everyones attention turned to the sous-chef in anticipation. The chief in-house chef was availing himself to a glass of chilled Blanquette de Limoux, the areas excellent alternative to champagne.
2b and The Small Cross One prowled the apartment whilst I realized, not without some dismay, that the Aga had not been switched up to speed in the Chateau. Juggling hot dishes between the two lots of living accommodation it vaguely crossed my mind that the terrific series featuring Basil Fawlty had not been that wide off the mark.
This morning the golden glow of the early sun is highlighting the tops of the Pyrenees that can be seen in the distance covered in a white dusting of snow.
Not that I have the time to sit and reflect or admire the simple stunning beauty of our village at the moment.
No it's all hands to the deck (mine) as the guests have requested ' full English breakfast'. As you would on a visit to the South of France !!

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