Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Location location location

His Lordship is laid low with a real stinker of a cold. This is highly inconvenient as we have guests in the house who I am cooking for and, if truth be known, he is the master chef, so to take to the sofa in the streaming sun is perplexing. It is hot enough to lie prostrate on the steamers in the garden which is precisely where I would wish to be at this moment, doubly infuriating.

Location location location are the three golden rules when house hunting and I was lucky this week that the location of Le Chateau combined with the most stunning of morning skies afforded me the opportunity of a quick snapshot. I posted it up on the Country Living website and then promptly forgot about it. The end result was that I seem to have some vouchers for Waitrose coming my way as it came third in a competition I wasn't aware I had entered so that pleased me no end. I phoned the Golden Oldies immediately to break the news of their daughter's achievement. 'Shame there's no Waitrose in France then' said my Mother, 'never mind we have a lovely one close by' ! Seems like finally they are going to benefit, albeit in a minor way for having stuck by me all these years.

I have now fired off letters to all the location agencies and editors of glossies telling them of the many benefits of Le Chateau's location, its glorious light and airy rooms and the many photogenic opportunities the house affords the photographer.

The spot above is one of my favourite rooms that I wanted to share with you. See how the sun was pouring through the windows only half an hour ago. And one of my ambitions ?

To sit in it.


Frances said...

Hello Sally,

I would so like to be able to walk right into that room. It is so inviting, full of serenity, gentle light, a complete opposite of the clutter and noise that surrounds me, as renovations continue in the next-door apartment.

Still, I do also love my home.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Go sit in your favourite room, it does look beautiful.

Well done on getting the vouchers.

Crystal xx

Ivy said...

I now understand your name. I allways wondered if you were serious about the chateau bit. Lovely room and congrats on winning the competition

Elizabethd said...

Very lovely room ( very CL?!) I love the feeling of being in white spaces.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

another lovely photo Sally...CL will be offering you a contract before you know it!

Cait O'Connor said...

A beautiful room, inviting indeed.
Hope the cold gets better soon.

ChrisH said...

Well done, and that's a beautiful room.

Pondside said...

Lovely room, Sally - go in and sit down in it for all of us!!
Great news about your win in the competition - you must let people know it is possible to shoot international photographic awards!!!

Posie Rosie said...

Hope you get to sit in that spot soon, it looks delightful, I still cannot understand how CL never did a shoot on your place, probably because they never looked at the blogs I guess. Poor you having to do all the cooking, better than catching his cold though, steer clear, and wish him a speedy recovery!

Suffolkmum said...

Go and sit in it - that's an order. It's gorgeous, just the place for a photo shoot. Hope you don't catch the cold, I'm streaming too.

Grouse said...

Strange........that's one of my ambitions, too. Jolly miffed about the comp, should have been disqualified for having an unfair advantage: Le Chateau is just one big photo-opportunity!!!!

Milkmaid said...

Very brave entering a CL comp, ah but you didn't know you had - perhaps the best way
Great photo am sure your 'Golden Oldie' will enjoy the vouchers

CAMILLA said...

Bonjour Sally,

That room is delightful, I could imagine myself sitting there.

Congratulations again on the Award Sally, well done, it is a stunning picture.

Hope the cold soon gets better.


@themill said...

Have you asked littlebrowndog as that is what she does. She posted a blog about it a couple of weeks ago, I think. Fabulous photograph, so light and airy and great idea for the hats.