Thursday, 13 March 2008

Stormy Weather

I felt the very sudden urgent urge to abandon ship, if only for a short while, so courtesy of the marvellous bargain fares of Easyjet I headed for my favourite country retreat down in Dorset. Meandering along the Jurassic coastline where serious clouds were brewing for a momentous storm a small notice saying 'help yourself' caught my eye. A lovely pair of lined curtains lay casually over an old stone wall. It took my reputation as a bargain hunter to dizzying new heights !! Is there no respite from working I thought to myself as I staggered under the weight of my acquisition.

Fully refreshed on my return I soon submerged myself with the task of dealing with fresh enquiries from those seeking calm and tranquility on a self catering holiday in the Languedoc. The mountain of 'tasks' seemed smaller than usual and I was pleased to note that the complicated manoeuvre of turning on the washing machine had finally been mastered. Best of all though was the installation of my Godin stove which I was able to admire burning happily in the sitting room and giving out the most pleasing heat.

I had the time to indulge at leisure in my passion for photography resulting in the idea of having some of my pictures printed and framed to hang on the walls of Le Chateau. As well as scenes of sunflowers and vines I shall include the above taken on a beautifully still and serene evening at Beer before the storms hit.

Just another little string to add to my bow I suppose.

Not that I can envisage retiring just yet !!


Elizabethd said...

But you didnt show us the curtains!
Lovely photo of the boat.

Pipany said...

Yes Sally, where are the curtains - not fair to tease! Love the photograph and also the previous blogs which I have just caught up on. Can't beat a good bargain xx

Faith said...

Love the criss cross effect of the sea in that pic.

I like beachcombing too, but never found curtains!

Inthemud said...

How wonderful to just drop everything and fly across to Dorset, Such a beautiful County.
I love looking for shells and fossils

Nice photo!

trump said...

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ChrisH said...

Oh, I see you have a new friend too!

ChrisH said...

I am full of admiration that you managed to find something lovely, and free, on your trip! Lovely photo too.

Milla said...

Blimey! You nip to Dorset like the rest of us might pootle off to Tesco. Hmm, Trump sounds like a genuine and interesting fella.

Wooly Works said...

Wonderful picture--so placid and calm. We live three days' drive from the sea so this is refreshing for me to look at. And yet, the pressing question in my mind is, "What about the curtains?"

Sally's Chateau said...

Oh yes the curtains ..... had to leave them behind I'm afraid till my very useful delivery service next drives down South. Meanwhile as soon as I can conjure up the image of that luscious find just sitting patiently waiting for my good self to appear I shall post it up tout de suite alongside the roaring fire of the Godin.

I suppose you could pop along though couldn't you and see for yourself !!!

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

It is good sometimes isn't it to just abandon ship and go. Gets everything back into perspective and brings new enthusiasm.

Un Peu Loufoque said...

wow great idea!