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French Chateau For Sale

The week started innocuously enough. Great forks of lightening stabbing viciously overhead as His Lordship presided over his domaine. Effortlessly rustling up a mere six or seven courses for a party he carried on with grim determination as all around squeals of excitement and delight at the impromptu firework display emanated. The lights flickered precariously plunging us into darkness for a fraction of a second. Torrential rain sent waters swirling and gushing past the front door. I abandoned my workstation. ‘My computer’ I wailed.

Things were sure hotting up in the kitchen in more ways than one. An almighty crack signalled the end of my televisions and Internet access as my live box fizzled. A startling bright spark came from the utility room where the gas pipeline to the Aga lay. But all of this was nothing to the eruption that burst forth from Gordon Ramsay who had somehow found his way into my kitchen. I swear I could have heard a pin drop afterwards. I hadn’t realised bef…

Friday at Le Chateau

There's a field closeby to Carcassonne that is simply stunning. Filled to the brim with millions of poppies it has drawn artists and photographers to it like bee's to a honeypot. Viewed from the Ryanair plane as it descends into the airport it must look like a great slash of blood on the landscape. Given the history of the area, the violence and the brutality that went on I suppose its rather apt as you enter Cathar country.

I've got my own little collection of poppies wavering gently amongst all my other wild flowers in the garden. It has to be the prettiest time of year and yesterday I pottered (well hid) nicely amongst all the waist high fauna and did some theraputic weeding. And very nice it was too not to be bothered for an hour or more with just the warblings of a blackbird to keep me company. One of the joy's this year was watching the daily progress of a magnificent Artichoke plant. Or rather it was. Went to go and do my daily inspection today and was m…

With love from France

My love affair with the French is being sorely tested of late. There are only so many times that the Gallic shrug is attractive. Once. There are only so many times that the upturned palms to accompany the shrug are attractive. Once. And if I am met one more time with the bald statement ‘This is France’to any query I might have then I shall do more than shrug with indifference. I shall scream.

I was pondering all this and more on a gentle drive back from Limoux and minding my own business, in a minding your own business sort of pleasant way, when suddenly I was shaken from my reverie by the realisation that a black Mercedes was heading straight towards me on my side of the road. But then it would be wouldn’t it ? A clear straight road and the driver chooses to overtake and inflict their death wish on me. I was so shaken and incredulous that anyone could be so dumb, and I wouldn’t normally mention it but it was a woman driver with black sunglasses on, and I so wanted to slap her face har…

Heatwave hits Britain

I soooooo do not need to hear that Britain is having a heatwave and that everyone I speak to is enjoying al fresco lunches and sipping pimms whilst languishing in the balmy silken evening air.

Have you any idea how difficult MY life is when it rains ? What do you say to bewildered guests when the weather doesn't do as it is supposed to, 'you should be in England' ?

This morning saw torrential rain following winds yesterday that nearly pulled me out the windows trying to close the shutters. I smiled brightly at my guests. 'I've never known anything like this' I say in what I sincerely hope is in an incredulous fashion. Left me with rather a problem this morning though. Do I donn an old Barbour coat and slosh down the drive in hunter wellies or do I breezily hop into the car clad in summer clothes ? I decide to put on a brave front which was a mistake as someone had left the window open all night and I suffer a soggy derrière for my supermarket shop.

But how can on…