Monday, 30 June 2008

Sarkozy visits Carcassonne

Carcassonne is in the news for all the wrong reasons today. President Nicholas Sarkozy stood outside a Carcassonne hospital and expressed horror and profound emotion as the story of yesterdays accident emerged. During a military show real live bullets were mistakenly used instead of blanks and fired at the audience. Miraculously no-one was killed but there are 16 injured nonetheless. Sarkozy is waiting for the results of an enquiry apparently, and I can't help but ponder that if French bureaucracy is involved he'll have a hell of a wait, but then again it could well be a case of 'who you know' rather than 'what you know' so I expect the results were delivered seriously tout de suite.

Yesterday saw soaring temperatures in the Languedoc as the region began to sizzle as one would expect in June. His Lordship and I packed a picnic of epic quantities and headed for the Mediterranean coast a mere hours drive away. Rather sensibly lorries are banned from the motorways on a Sunday which makes driving with the trusty old Golf GTI, circa 1980's convertible a gas. As we whizzed through the Corbieres the heady scent of the sweet gorse assailed us along with the deafening sound of the crickets. I could feel the sun boring through my carefully buttoned up linen shirt. The old Yves Saint Laurent glasses and a battered straw hat completed 'the look'.

We found the most fantastic spot down on Gruissan plage quite by accident. A marvellous stretch of the smoothest softest sand imaginable with the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean to entice us. We were one of the first on the beach so the jaunty striped umbrella went up right by the waters edge. I'd left my 'slap it all over' Boots BOGOF (that's buy one get one free) for all you International readers in the picnic hamper so I had to begrudgingly squeeze my precious coveted Clarins in a teeny weeny tube over the most vunerable spots. By the time the hordes started to pour over the sand His Lordship and I had found ourselves a very agreeable place overlooking the lagoon under a shady old tree where we proceeded to lunch with bone china and silver cutlery of course. I don't do plastic picnics now I am grown up.

Which leads me to reflect that with the awful news of yesterdays accident in Carcassonne on every one's lips today it is well to count your blessings every single day.

Even when you don't get to the beach.


Frances said...

Hello Sally,

Although I would have preferred a delightful day at a beach, with a delicious adult picnic, I have to agree that we should always, always take time to count our blessings. Every day presents many gifts to us!

Sometimes, it can be difficult to remember this.


LittleBrownDog said...

Goodness - hadn't heard about the accident - sounds horrific! And how sensible to ban lorries on Sunday, too. Picnic on the beach sounds just the ticket.


Blossomcottage said...

Wha a terrible thing to have happened, those poor people, one minute you are happily watching and the next minute... terrible.
I must say its not been the weather for a picnic on the beach here far too chilly and windly although it has been better today.
Love Blossom

blogthatmama said...

One word, jealous...

But have you sold your chateau yet?


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Enjoy each day... very sound advice. But somedays more than others, yes?

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I think silver and bone china sounds absolutely perfect!

Terrible news about the accident, I expect there will be a lot of angry people in France today.

CJ xx

Lehners in France said...

Hi Sally it's lovely to hear you are making the most of your lovely region and this beautiful weather.

I have visitors in the apartment this week, they are house hunting and would like to arrange a viewing. They've sold up in the YUK and are cash buyers, could you email or call and we can arrange a rendez vous. Take care, speak soon. Debs x

Pondside said...

Glorious description, Sally. Your day sounds perfect - the beach, the picnic,the accoutrments - I want to be there!
So sad about that terrible accident, although it did provide lots of material over here for the radio personalities to make jokes about the French Army.

muddyboots said...

what a lovely picture, certainly one can't call you a shadow of your former self my dear! Sounds a wonderful plage, hold a deck chair for me!!

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

Beach . . .beach . . .now that rings a bell, something to do with sand and isn't there usually sun . . . nah - must have dreamt it.

And berlimey to the accident - that is one pretty serious mistake to make . . .