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Summer ends in the Languedoc

I've been utterly engrossed in my latest reading material of late. I've always got at least three books on the go but I couldn't put down the story of the love affair between Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis. I've been reading snippets out loud to His Lordship. 'How romantic' I remarked, 'Onassis flew in on a helicopter when Callas was sunbathing on some remote beach, dropped a trinket into her lap, gave her a passionate kiss and flew off again'. That's because he could' he snorted. 'I bring you a cup of tea beside the pool' what more could a woman want ? continuing this discussion is obviously pointless and futile.

Where does the time go to ? it's supposedly the end of the summer, well I won't rub it in but it doesn't feel like it here with Sunday being a respectable 27 degrees. People have been trickling in and out for bed and breakfast for a night or two through Last Minute France which gives me some breathing space befor…


Harvesting is in full swing. Combines rumbling over the fields of huge drooping blackened heads as the sunflowers stare forlornly down at the dried cracked earth before they are beheaded. The Chardonnay and Sauvignon grapes are the first to be shaken from the vines and the fields of rows of onions have been gathered. The tiny one's left behind are pushed into piles, left out for the locals to help themselves and absolutely begging to be made into delicious concoctions. We sat at the weekend laboriously skinning them beside the pool and made scrumptious pots of onion confit simmered slowly on the Aga in red wine and sugar.

I'm not going to divulge yesterdays temperatures, it would be too cruel but there are many many things I would have chosen to do rather than drive into Carcassonne in the heat. 'Is it absolutely necessary' ? I ask The Small Cross One. 'Yes' comes the reply. ' and then the two clinchers are delivered. 'I must have them for college' …

Holiday in France

It's always very rewarding when clients write and tell me what a lovely holiday they have had at Le Chateau. This year we seem to have attracted quite a few artists and last week Hilary and her family came to stay. They had the most marvellous weather, hardly a breath of wind and hitting the 30's everyday. Hilary does abstract photography based on the works of Cubist Piet Mondrain with some surrealist Salvador Dali thrown in. Along with her letter she sent me a sample of her work knowing I have a soft spot for sunflowers. I tried to elicit from her exactly how she did it but as I'm reminded on a daily basis that I know nothing of the wizard ways of computers I'll just stick to happily snapping away.

La Rentrée today. Heavens I would be telling porky pies if I didn't sometimes wonder why on earth they have such long holidays. The Small Cross One and 2b got their mugshots in some glossy magazine extolling the virtues of 'the life you've always dreamed of' …