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Faces of Carcassonne.

I popped out this morning for my daily fresh baguette.  I say 'popped out' but the simple exercise took me two whole hours.  First of all I meandered through the market picking up a fat purple clove of fresh garlic, the colour, the feel, the taste just too irresistible. The aubergines gleaming and polished, the rich colours of peppers in red, green and yellow clashing violently alongside.  

Place Carnot looked  beautiful in the early morning May sunshine, the statue of Neptune presiding over the square, fine droplets of water cascading over the well rounded figures of the mermaids and fish beneath him.  I stood there and twisted and turned my camera lens whilst people having a leisurely coffee outside sat and studied my attempts as I shielded my eyes from the glare of the sun. I then succumbed to a quick break with friends where we all agreed that we were working jolly hard.

On my way home I discovered even more faces of Carcassonne that I had not seen before, the whole place is…

From 1904 - 2010

I've had to sneak in here very quietly you understand because strictly speaking I had promised faithfully not to linger anywhere that wasn't productive.  So I haven't been anywhere near Twitter, Facebook or Skype nor have I been tempted by the old fashioned contraption known fondly as the telephone, or rather I've only visited them briefly which doesn't count.
Four full days stretch before mesans His Lordship.  I confidently leave the airport humming a little tune and its some time before I realise I've taken the the wrong direction on the motorway, how can that be ? I also make a couple of other small errors which are hardly worth mentioning because they are so trivial but of course they will show up on the bank statement like some glaring red angry pimple, automatic ticket machines on the motorway give no leeway for a momentary lapse in concentration.  Some great big hairy Spanish truck driver decides to blast his horn as I fumble with my guilty secret, he the…