Monday, 3 May 2010

From 1904 - 2010

I've had to sneak in here very quietly you understand because strictly speaking I had promised faithfully not to linger anywhere that wasn't productive.  So I haven't been anywhere near Twitter, Facebook or Skype nor have I been tempted by the old fashioned contraption known fondly as the telephone, or rather I've only visited them briefly which doesn't count.

Four full days stretch before me sans His Lordship.  I confidently leave the airport humming a little tune and its some time before I realise I've taken the the wrong direction on the motorway, how can that be ? I also make a couple of other small errors which are hardly worth mentioning because they are so trivial but of course they will show up on the bank statement like some glaring red angry pimple, automatic ticket machines on the motorway give no leeway for a momentary lapse in concentration.  Some great big hairy Spanish truck driver decides to blast his horn as I fumble with my guilty secret, he then proceeds to stick his thumbs up which throws me somewhat into even more disarray. 

I'm exhausted by the time I arrive home and decide a glass of wine is in order along with a long soak in the bath.  Neatly laid out in the kitchen is a row of freshly washed paintbrushes alongside a whopping tin of paint.  I ignore them and proceed to the bathroom.  Standing inconveniently slap bang next to the bath is newly erected scaffolding presumably so I can reach the bits of paper I missed stripping on the ceiling.  Further investigation leads to a completely clear bedroom and the machine (don't ask me what its called) poised for action to take the layer of concrete off the floor to reveal the original tiling.  Then there's the polisher ready to take off the surplus concrete afterwards, I can't investigate the house any further I'm too scared.  

But if we are talking man hours then I'm the first to admit that woman hours are lagging somewhat behind here and the next four days are my chance to prove that I can diligent, hardworking and single minded too, and prove it I will.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with a little pencil sketch I found up in the attic, circa 1904,depicting a couple of ladies as they take the air looking like they are strolling amiably along together deep in conversation and seemingly without a care in the world.


elsy said...

what a lucky find......and a bath and glass of wine, always a priority especially over diy or housework

her at home said...

Well you know sometimes one can somehow accomplish if one is forced to work to a deadline. So perhaps if you left everything until wednesday lunchtime...? I suffer the same problem being horriby aware that when I am here sans mes enfants and husband and with a kitchen to renovate I really out to renovate it not sit on the sofa and read.. Ah well c'est la vie!

Frances said...

Sally, it's grand to hear from you. No matter what circumstances or was it a Catalyst got you posting.

I am so glad to have my tiny apartment all freshly painted that it seems totally out of scale to see what you have been doing and facing and doing and facing.

Those reports of the driving make me almost glad to be able to trust my life daily to the NYC subway train system. I travel under Times Square twice a day, even if above ground explosives are being discovered. Fires put out, etc. A few extra police officer were observed by moi on today's journeys.

Enjoy relaxing baths. Do what you want to do on your renovation rota. And...most importantly, please do send up another post before long. xo

Pondside said...

I had to go lie down for a minute after reading that - are you really expected to turn your dainty little hand to all of that?
Well, better wear some strong gloves, then - and do have a long soak under the scaffolding.

Elizabethd said...

Sounds like rather a lot of renovation work for you. I think I'd just stay in the bath with a good book.
What a pretty sketch that is, shall you frame it and hang it somewhere?

Sallys Chateau said...

Being distracted by snow, yes you read correctly, snow in May !! Being kept warm though by DIY work (obviously)

Chris Stovell said...

I know it will be fabulous when it's finished - but, gosh, I don't envy you!

elizabethm said...

And just what is he doing while you single handedly renovate the house I would like to know? Have another glass of wine and a little lie down. I like hah's idea of starting at weds lunchtime, excellent thought.

Sallys Chateau said...

elizabethm No I've been slacking in the DIY department of late, must be all this distraction round me !!

Frank said...

Hi Sally

Lovely blog. We're heavily into DIY at the moment. Can't manage a bath because the current water heater doesn't produce enough hot to fill one - have to make do with a shower. The wine, however, is not a problem!