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Reflections from Carcassonne

There's lots of activities to tempt all ages and tastes during the summer months in France.  Here in Carcassonne for example we've had the spectacular firework display which takes place every year on July 14th setting La Cité ablaze.  I've been to new restaurants with old friends who came to visit and dipped into some of the wonderful music concerts during the Festival de Carcassonne, the full moon over the open air Théâtre Jean Deschamps for Simple Minds won't be forgotten in a hurry but it hasn't been all fun and frolics at No.11 lately.

His Lordship too has given cause for concern lately.  He shocked us all by being rushed into hospital the other week, his condition not helped by overwork by all accounts and being told to 'take it easy' And how pray is one supposed to do that when like so many others in this day and age are trying to keep body and soul together ?  As always I owe thanks to my immediate family that have been a tower of strength and shown t…