Carcassonne 11/01/2011

Here we are at No.11 on the 11/01/2011.  I like the sound of that numerical combination, it makes you feel something good is going to happen, an excitement just round the corner. Little did I realise what excitement lay ahead for me in 2011 !

We've been playing a waiting game of late, 'will they won't they' ?, 'what if' ? These are the joys of having your property up for sale.  It's unnatural to have your sofa permanently plumped, candles with unburned wicks, no less than six pillows all strategically placed on every bed and no items of clothing strewn on the floor.  Yesterday we decided to award ourselves a holiday so we went for indulgence in a big way.

I'm a great believer in 'its not what you know but who you know'.  This is so very true when visiting a strange location it can all be rather hit and miss.  If you've your 'man on the ground' so to speak then you can usually avoid all the pitfalls and make your time a rewarding experience.  We sneaked off to a location which serves the most unbelievable lunches for unbelievably good prices with an unbelievably deceitful so called friend.   Five delicious courses accompanied by a local Minervois wine.  Afterwards we basked in the sun and talked about our hopes and plans for the future which the friend listened to avidly as she had no future to speak of.

Today its torrential rain accompanied by a cold wind.  No-one is answering their phone which strikes me sometimes as rather odd considering everyone seems to have a mobile constantly pressed to their ear.  I thought that was the point of a mobile phone, to make you more accessible ? the point of the e mail is so you can give a prompt response to business enquiries surely ? Apparently not.  Weird and illogical to my mind.

And so we continue to hover in no-mans land placed in the hands of fate, open and vulnerable to the whims of others.

Which of course makes our enforced holiday yesterday all the more special and rewarding and today less frustrating.


Anonymous said…
One of the main things I miss about Carcassonne is my habitual Wednesday dinner at the restaurant pédagogique... and the sun of course!
Veronica said…
oh go on Sally -- let us in on the secret! I'd love to know a nice place to eat in Carcassonne having suffered too many indifferent bistro meals there since the demise of the Petit Resto des Halles!

PS Monsieur Mystère says "prrt".
Pondside said…
Thank goodness you have the good sense to get out and enjoy that wonderful place about which you write so beautifully.
It's hateful to be in limbo, but it will be over soon and you'll be off on another wonderful adventure - I just know it!
Posie said…
Oh that meal sounded scrumptious...glad you took some time out. I do hope you get a buyer soon, although in my higgledy piggledy chaos the thought of a perfect looking home with unburned candles and plumped up cushions sounds very enticing....

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