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Reflections from Carcassonne


The month where you take stock and cast your gaze over the year ahead and perhaps reflect slightly on the one just passed.  This is the quiet time of year when it's lovely to meet up with old friends, find time for yourself and concentrate on doing what you want to do rather than be caught up with the flurry of the day. What I find about old friendships is that they hold fast, years may pass but when you get together again the spark is still very much there.  As the years go by I have friends whose lives have changed beyond recognition, suddenly life hits troubled waters perhaps through an unseen illness and that is when the strength and the bonds of loyalty are tested.

Carcassonne always strikes them as the place to cure all ills, banish the blues and generally regain the sparkle back in their lives.  It's true, I won't deny it but also being free to be true to yourself is pretty uplifting too. Invigorating in fact.

And so the diary is pulled out, tentative date…

House For Sale Carcassonne

Every so often, rather rarely I hasten to add, a beautiful house for sale catches my eye and I simply have to share it with you. It's owned by some rather sociable neighbours of mine so I've been lucky enough to have the pleasure of knowing it well and being able to conjure up all sorts of marvellous ideas on how I could run it. The possibilites are just endless.

This imposing historic house is ideally located in the 'Bastide St. Louis. Carcassonne.  Whether you decide to simply browse through the lovely website that has been put together for this enticing house and daydream or whether you choose to make a dream you have cherished blossom into fruition this year please enjoy visiting this rare property. With origins in the 18th century the house's 750 sqm (8000 sqft) stretch out over three floors, with a vaulted cellar and garden courtyard. It has been extensively restored in recent years retaining many character features including parquet floors, oak staircase and marb…

A walk in Carcassonne

After being buffeted by strong wind and lashings of rain yesterday today has been gentle and forgiving.

I love walking around the Bastide.  If you know where to go the delights of Carcassonne stretch so much further than simply heading for the River Aude or the Canal du Midi for your stroll.  Tucked away and enveloped by the ancient wall of the Bastide Saint-Louis itself is Le Jardin du Calvaire.

After extensive renovation it opened its gates last year so that everyone could enjoy this corner of tranquillity.  Founded in 1825 and closed for over 20 years it is an important addition to the city.  This afternoon I was lucky enough to be the only person walking its winding paths of smooth worn cobblestones.  The smell of the neatly clipped yew hedges pervaded the still air.  The sky was a startling blue with clouds scurrying across overhead.  Stone statues of weary saints with their heads gently resting on their hands welcome you as you enter through the high wrought iron gates.  Tiny s…