Spring in Carcassonne

Carcassonne has sprung into spring with tourists enjoying the beautiful warm weather.  Last night the bastide was alive with people sitting at the bars and restaurants spilling out over Place Carnot, the trees were beginning to show their first shoots which is always uplifting, I love the vibrant green of those first few weeks.

Earlier on in the day I had wandered into the Maison des Mémoirs where there was an exhibition by Jurgen Schilling, I was the only person in there, benefitting first by a cooling couple of moments in the inner courtyard where a brightly coloured magnolia was beginning to flower. Another free pleasure within the city to indulge in. I didn't have long to linger, the season is well underway here at No.11 I'm pleased to say and the arrival of guests was imminent.  There was however just enough time for a spot of lunch outside beforehand where I was forced to retire into the shade such was the heat of the sun.  I didn't have time to indulge in the usual Saturday market, just a quick glimpse as I whizzed by on my bike very early in the day, back to pedal power and running up and down the vast staircase has done wonders for my figure I'm pleased to report !

I do however linger and try and capture snippets of Carcassonne as each day goes by.  I'm on Pinterest now so do please come over and take a peek.  What with that little distraction and the growing number of people who are following No.11 on facebook I'm fully occupied, not too occupied though that I can't dollydaydream of the day soon when I shall hit the gorgeous Mediterranean beach in my sizzling new swimsuit.

Always look upwards and forward is my motto !


her at home said…
I wish I was there to stop and dream a while!!! Sounds idyllic!!
Pondside said…
It sounds like you have discovered the very best of spa activities - all that biking and stair-climbing is better than any spin or pilates programs!

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