Christmas in Carcassonne

Do you know what you are doing for Christmas ?  I do and it's going to be  F.A.N  T.A.S  T.I.C

I wouldn't dream of posting up anything too personal but let me tell you confidentially, it's going to be very FRENCH and traditional which will mean staying up late on Christmas Eve involving eating plenty and drinking lots of bubbles with close friends and family once we have perused the food markets here in Carcassonne for all those gorgeous culinary delights.  Then on Christmas Day itself I shall be taking it slightly easier, well that's the plan so far anyway but those who know me well realise that this could change at any moment if the whim takes me. 

I've just zipped over to the UK where the festive season is very much in evidence.  I'll be honest, I actually find it disconcerting and depressing to have the strains of 'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas' in the background whilst I'm shopping.  Or even worse, 'I wished it could be Christmas everyday' by Wizzard, why would you wish that on anyone ?

It was with some relief that I alighted back in Carcassonne where signs of Christmas were refined and toned down and I could forget that the 'big day' was in just over four weeks.  The little individual wooden huts are being erected which will form part of the Christmas market with the wonderful torchlight procession from La Cité which simply cannot be missed and is one of the terrific highlights of the magic festive season in Carcassonne which starts on December 6th.

On my arrival home however I was rather dismayed to be greeted with Christmas trees being hoisted down from the attic along with boxes of various Christmas trinkets that I only just seem to have packed away....

Time to get into the spirit of things I guess starting with my guests very own decorated tree in the suite at No.11, all part of the charm of staying in a small individually run bed and breakfast, someone hand me a duster will you there's not a moment to lose !!


Pondside said…
Your version of Christmas sounds perfectly lovely. I am staying out of the stores here until after Dec 1st. I fear I may have a melt down at the first strain of a Christmas carol unless it's in the proper season!

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