Roaring into 2014...

Happy New Year from Carcassonne.  I hope that you enjoyed the festive season.  Why does it always flash by so quickly ? so many heightened expectations that explode all at once so that when they stop you can feel quite bereft.

This Christmas was bittersweet, mixed emotions it has to be said. There was uplifting news and sad news and this was the mantra that carried me through.

"Don't cry over the past; it's over. Don't stress about the future; it hasn't arrived. Live for the present and make it beautiful."

New Year's resolution ?

Eliminate all the dead wood in your life, ruthlessly cut out people who sap your energy, feed off your beautiful soul and give nothing in return.

Oh, and follow your heart, go to the place and be with those you love, for only they can truly make you happy.

Here is my poem

You don’t know my secret, do you ?
You simply can’t guess,
And I’m keeping my secret all to myself,
Avoiding all the mess

Like an unwrapped package,
All glitter and bows,
You can’t afford to break the seals,
Experience the highs as well as the lows

You can’t know my secret,
I wished I could tell,
But if I told you,
How could I save you from the hell ?  ©SallyTownsend - 2013


muddyboots said…
Happy New Year from Yorkshire! Grab life by the proverbial b***s & make 2014 brilliant xx
sarah Tavenner said…
good basis to live your life by !!!I am sure you are a wonderfully skilled at eliminating dead wood dear !!!
Pondside said…
May 2014 often find you smiling as beautifully as in that photo!
Chris Stovell said…
I think following your heart is the most important advice of all - but it requires courage and you've certainly got that by the bucket. Happy New Year to you, Sally - may it bring you all the good things you deserve.
mountainear said…
Love that positive spirit! All the best for 2014.

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