Friday, 19 September 2014

A dreamy day drifting on St.Martins, Isles of Scilly

Rode' home' on my newly acquired bike after a sublime meal at the islands hotel Karma St.Martins, beautifully cooked English lamb, very convivial company, sparkling wine... The word 'townie' sprang to mind whilst wobbling down the pitch black lane with nothing between me and the milky way overhead but a total void. Everything was twinkling, the countless stars, me, my life until a flash of lightening over St Mary's way jolted me out of my blissful reverie.

Wake up the next morning to the sound of a cockerel in the distance, the chirping of birds and the stirring of geese, realise that this is rather pleasing and resolve not to be waylaid today and 'focus' on getting to the Highertown Quay, should be achievable I thought. Popped into the Island Bakery and purchased a newly baked white chocolate chip cookie and then whilst I was in the vicinity the North Farm Gallery.  All hugely distracting and wildly photogenic at every turn. Am prepared to admit to 'chatting' and then inviting myself into a field filled with purple sprouting broccoli and courgettes. Securely putting my newly acquired 'bounty' into my Father's 70's rucksack, without realising I was sporting 'old skool' till told pushed my bike with determination towards my destination.

Spotted a rather fetching little deserted beach and trundled down with my bike through the thick ferns where I promptly lay down on the glittering sand and fell asleep. Visited the St.Martins information centre where I learnt that the wretched occupants of the island had to be rescued from near starvation in the 17th century and evacuated to St.Mary's.

Promised to bring in washing but failed miserably as trotted to hotel to thank friends for such a lovely evening and ended up discussing how prettily our feet shone in the evening after wriggling our toes in the glistening fine sand, lost track of time.....

Achieved nothing, gained everything. 

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