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Thoughts from Charmouth Beach, Dorset.

Who are you spending Christmas with ? Where are you going for Christmas ? Two supposedly innocent questions heard so frequently in the air yet for some fraught with mixed emotions.  So many people travelling to people they don't love and cherish, too many people left alone to feel the pain of having no-one to care. Where's the goodwill ? the compassion ? the love ? It costs absolutely nothing to give any of those to a complete stranger and this is the time of year when you should. Focus on sharing, contemplate on giving rather than receiving. What you gain is something far greater than you can imagine.

As it creeps to the end of the year it's easy to remember and dwell on the darker moments of the past twelve months. Don't bother. View them from afar and learn from them to become stronger. Forgive those people who sought to undermine you and drag you down and celebrate new people who have entered your life and enriched your soul.

And spare a moment or two to remember …

Peace in Dorset

I wouldn't really know about any pre-Christmas shopping frenzies, bulging shops, crowded shopping malls, places where goods are stacked high and the very latest 'must have' gadgets gleam and sneer at you tantalisingly out of reach as you stand bewildered by it all.  The pushing, the shoving the noise of the piped jolly music assaulting you, people talking animatedly into their mobile phones droning on about inconsequential dross mainly.

Sure I popped into the local Farmers Market in the Arts Centre, all rather quaint with the rickety wooden floor, tested some home-made pork pies, took note of the locally caught fish, stared hard and longingly at the sugary whipped flirty meringues alongside the seductive, thick deep creamy yellow local clotted cream with the slightly crusty top. Not that I would say I was easily led astray or tempted... I hurried out before I was overcome with desire and indulged unduly without remorse.

It was one of those glorious winter days. A slight f…

Words from Dorset.

It's the smallest things that can make your heart soar. Looking out of the window and seeing the tiny white dots of the sheep on a frosty hillside as the sun rises is one. Feeling the warmth of the winter sun as you stand and listen to the Salvation Army is another as anticipation and happiness tingle in the air and unwittingly enter your subconsciousness as the sound of the carols soar above your head.

And I think, I think an awful lot lately. There's a voice in my head, it won't keep quiet, it keeps telling me how lucky I am and I believe it too because I am told this constantly by friends and family.  It seems whatever I wish for comes true and I am beyond amazement when it keeps happening, I have just learnt to calmly accept it. But I am careful what I wish for because its a very powerful potion and it has to be handled with care. There's a catch though, there always is if you are to find something good in life and hold onto it.

You have to step back, climb out o…

Drawn to Dorset

From the Isles of Scilly I 'nipped' back to France disposed of a large amount of my personal possessions and freed myself in the process to start another chapter afresh and uncluttered.

The doctor looked at me with a somewhat bewildered air when I went to him grumbling that I felt rather tired. I watch the dawn rise in the mornings now from my über modern apartment where I received a warm welcome. 'I hope you'll be very happy' one charming gentleman said. I felt stunned by the simple comment, I had received only hostility and resentment on my arrival at my previous two homes. . What had I done in the last fourteen years ? Painstakingly and lovingly restored gloriously abandoned and unloved houses in the South West of France, given them back their life whilst they greedily sucked the life out of me. Sure, there were the highs along with the lows. The beautiful 'Maison de Maître, Le Chateau surrounded by vineyards and sunflowers with views of the glorious snow c…