Words from Dorset.

It's the smallest things that can make your heart soar. Looking out of the window and seeing the tiny white dots of the sheep on a frosty hillside as the sun rises is one. Feeling the warmth of the winter sun as you stand and listen to the Salvation Army is another as anticipation and happiness tingle in the air and unwittingly enter your subconsciousness as the sound of the carols soar above your head.

And I think, I think an awful lot lately. There's a voice in my head, it won't keep quiet, it keeps telling me how lucky I am and I believe it too because I am told this constantly by friends and family.  It seems whatever I wish for comes true and I am beyond amazement when it keeps happening, I have just learnt to calmly accept it. But I am careful what I wish for because its a very powerful potion and it has to be handled with care. There's a catch though, there always is if you are to find something good in life and hold onto it.

You have to step back, climb out of your mould and take a long hard look at the person you have become. You must strip back the layers and stand naked and painfully in the full glare of the light of your conscience. Then you glance down at the labels of your discarded clothes. Selfish, rude, uncaring, obsessive, self centred, mean, aggressive, devious, bossy, egotistical, moody, selfish, bullying, cruel, vain, belligerent, callous, deceitful, pompous, sarcastic, vengeful, cunning... to name but a few. It's very uncomfortable standing bare and exposed but you have to let go of everything that has gone before to embrace the new that is waiting to come to you. It takes time, tears and humiliation and you will lose people you thought you loved along the journey but that's cool because they don't have the stamina that you do and they will hinder your progress.

Take your time now and evaluate people more carefully and choose whom you spend your time with, lavish your affections on, open your heart to. Do they wear any of the above labels ? if so walk quickly by and seek instead the liberating clothing of, affection, courageous, joyful, reliable, honesty, kindness, compassionate, faithful, gentle, loyal, modest, courteous, unassuming, calm, wise, dependable.

You will be free. Your reflection will not alarm you and your shadow will not haunt and seek to swallow you whole.

Which brings me to a poem I wrote and which will go on my new website showcasing my creative writing, photography and poems.

i love words,
adore the way they sound,
they can send you soaring high,
or tumbling to the ground.

inflict them without mercy,
or use them to ease pain,
choose them with caution,
the opportunity may not come again.

roll your tongue around them,
feel the power from within,
those who need fear nothing,
are the fortunate without sin.

but for those of us who harbour secrets,
that rejoice in the shadows of the night,
we fear not the touch of our enemies,
but the written word in all it's might.

so guard your thoughts with care,
be wary of what you say,
they may come back to haunt you,
and it's you alone they will slay.   ©sallytownsend


Exmoorjane said…
Yes. Yes.

You know this is the myth of Inanna, right? How the queen of heaven had to be stripped bare to meet her sister, queen of the underworld? To strip away all that is unnecessary before being reborn.

Love it. xxx
Sally Townsend said…
@exmoorjane I didn't know but I'm glad you enlightened me and I'm delighted that you enjoyed my piece of writing as I'm a great fan of yours !
Frances said…
Sally, you express yourself so very well, and have given me much to consider.

End of one year, beginning of a new year. Of course this annual transition always brings a collection of thoughts to my mind that I do try to act upon.

I did not know of the Inanna either, and thank Jane for the info.


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