Friday, 15 May 2015

Blogging Love.

About time I tiptoed in and gave my blog some serious TLC. Blogs are fickle creatures, like flowers and friends they need to be nurtured or they wilt and fade away. I'm full of excuses, meandering around the wilds of Scotland to observing the wild in Carcassonne. I mean, writers need inspiration, right?

So I've been catching up with old friends, laughing far too much and hugging like crazy. Oh, and scribbling, writing, pouring out the prose. And so it goes on, until one day I typed so hard and fast until the split second I reached the end of the story. Then I sat back, breathed a huge sigh and felt the most overwhelming relief that can only be felt when those two words scream back at you. The End.

And then when you have finished celebrating the awful truth hits you, this is only the beginning.

Whats one supposed to do? Go out to play. Get on your bike, focus on life through your lens, upload instagram (finally) and yes, I would love to connect with you Sally on Instagram.

Meanwhile I have to gather up my friends (those who have hung around till the bitter end), sit them down, ply them with wine and be very brave and read aloud....

And maybe catch up on some cleaning....



Pondside said...

Lovely to see you pop up Sally. It sounds like you've been busy! Time for some fun - enjoy!

Frances said...

Sally, I've truly enjoyed reading this post. You are kind to share this particular time with us and give us a glimpse of your writing patterns.

I am thinking that you might find an article in the May 18, 2015 issue of The New Yorker magazine interesting. It's a profile of writer Nell Zink, written by Kathryn Schulz, entitled Outside In. I think you might access it via

I will say no more about Ms Zink, but would love to learn your impressions. xo

Procrastinator extraodinaire said...

Back in Carcassonne? I won't ask about book, you've said not to, shall be patient not my best trait.