Thursday, 14 September 2006

Aga's and Chrysanthemum's

The fact that Autumn is slowly creeping upon us, I have, to a certain extent tried to ignore.

However my friend Wise Owl who regularly uses the Ryan Air flights direct from Carcassonne to Stanstead like most people hop on the bus (and sometimes at 1p each way plus taxes works out considerably cheaper) presented me with a large bunch of bright yellow chrysanthemum's from her garden. Delving into my Reader's Digest Enclyclopedia of Garden Plants and Flowers, (is there a household without one ?) I find they are of the 'Gold Plate' variety and very decorative they are too. Which led me to waste ten minutes looking at all the plants beginning with the letter C. The last one being Cytisus, commonly known as Yellow Broom. She also told me that her friend was flying out in October direct from Gatwick to Toulouse courtesy of British Airways for the princely sum of £50 including taxes. Incroyable, Oui ?

But the one single event heralding that summer is drawing to a close is the re-lighting of the Aga. In a couple of hours time I'll be sitting with my feet up on the hotplates contemplating the first of the rice puddings. Which strikes me as strange really because I'll probably have just taken a dip in the pool.

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