Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Banging your head against a brick wall

My office faces the Pyrenees. This morning against the clear blue sky they have taken on a purple hue. The sunflowers have all been harvested and in the background is the gentle hum of the harvester gathering this year's grapes for the blending of the Malepere wines for which the area is so famous.

I had a most unproductive conversation yesterday with the British Embassy in Paris. Despite sending a full face photograph for a passport as requested it's been rejected. "It's not full face on enough" was the explanation. The word "preposterous" sprang to mind. Looking in the Oxford Dictionary this equates to "absurd, outragous, farcical, foolish, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, outragous, ridiculous, risible, sensible, " and finally "stupid". All of which I heartily agree with. It won't however, get me a passport on time. I couldn't help but notice that you can wear religious headgear, where, presumably, not much of your face will be revealed. As it is a replacement passport where it is so obviously the same person I felt rather shortchanged to say the least.

I tried to phone Easy Jet customer services too but as the weather was so beautiful yesterday I presumed they were taking the day off.

The pool was beckoning to me so after a half-hearted period of weeding and testing a few of the delicious figs growing in the garden it was time for the plunge. At a very respectful 75 degrees it was the highlight of my day.

Perhaps Easy Jet's customer services will be available today although I don't hold out too much hope, it looks like it's going to be yet another scorcher.


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