Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Gastronomic feast

Last night we motored down to Le Vieux Puis at Fonjoncouse

Such fun in the Grand Duchess. Some very jolly people waved to us along the way and I took a turn behind the wheel. She is rather a handful though and after a while His Lordship took over and I could sit and concentrate on the evening ahead, pressing issues to ponder, as to whether my outfit would pass muster in such terribly smart surroundings and wondering if I had remembered ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. In the end the mascara was left behind and the Small Cross One has stated that I simply must wear it.!!!

Do you know I've been pondering on how to best describe the food, it's not often His Lordship and I are lost for words but we are stumped. Okey, every course, every dish in fact is an amazing creation of art. It would have been a sacrilege not to have devoted your complete and utter attention on what was presented before you. It was a very serious business. Crikey, when they bought out the cheese trolley it would have put most English deli's to shame. I felt rather overawed when eventually we all left.

On the way back I watched the tracking system in the Jaguar, isn't it comforting to know you are heading in the right direction ?

The stars in the sky were particularly wonderful last night. Just as I was winding my way carefully over the gravel in very unfamiliar high heels the rest of the gang gave whoops of delight. "The most amazing shooting star" they shouted. "Oh I missed it" I said. "Pity" they said, "it was the most spectacular event of the evening".

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