Monday, 18 September 2006

Scary Mary

Back into Carcassonne to give the Old Lady some new front tyres. I got the 'we thought we would see you back sooner rather than later' look but they were charming and efficient. The place next door had 25% off all new tyres but was empty. My French is simply not up to the technical standard of comparing one tyre brand against another so I just trusted my instincts, if the place looks busy it must be good. Mind you on the other hand the queue at any McDonalds waiting for a fix of 'grub' would quickly dispel that theory, (just an opinion you understand).

My friend Wallflower lives closeby to La Cite so I dropped by to see her latest find from this weekends vide greniers. She had two large boxes of vintage Laura Ashley material. It never dates does it ? I nearly jumped out of my skin though as I was confronted with two haughty looking ladies well over six feet tall. Let me introduce you to "Scary Mary" she said. She seemed to have a twin standing next to her too only she was completely bald. Scary number one was wearing a long wig which needed re-styling. Well I tried armed with grips and pins but when you are struggling with a mannequin whose arms keep dropping off it all becomes rather disconcerting. "Get her another wig" I said unhelpfully.

At the weekend Wallflower and her better half are coming over to The Chateau for dinner, "will that be a table for two or four adults" I politely inquired. The look she gave me suggested I had outstayed my welcome.

As I pulled up outside my lovely home I couldn't help admiring the cobblestones that I had painstakingly weeded in-between at the weekend. The sun has returned, the harvest is in full swing and it's all looking beautiful down here in The Languedoc.

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