Saturday, 16 September 2006

Singing out with fruity confidence

Down to the Corbieres for lunch at Sally's the Languedoc based artist who holds the most entertaining and legendary parties.  Usual eclectic mix of people.  Is it me or have digital camera's overtaken mobile phone's  as a table accessory?  Whereas before you were likely to be interrupted by a variety of electronic tunes assaulting you it is now the case that any behaviour, good or bad,  is likely to be recorded in a second and sent into cyber space for all and sundry to view,  whether you like it or not.  Personally I think they should be banned at any polite table.
We did drink some excellent Prioundo though produced by Hugo and Paul who are also based in the Languedoc.  Jancis Robinson said "The wines sing out with fruit and confidence" and I can't argue with her there.  In actual fact later on in the afternoon Sally suggested that you were only allowed to speak if you sang out in operatic style.  Produced some interesting conversation but most of us were busy wiping the tears from our faces.  No doubt all recorded on some blasted digital camera. 
On the way back I never fail to be impressed at the sight of La Cite, the medieval castle of Carcassonne, now a World Heritage Site.  It looked wonderful at dusk.  I can see why Kate Mosse was inspired to write her best seller 'Labyrinthe'  and if you haven't read it put it on your list of 'must reads'.  In fact if you haven't discovered this beautiful and interesting region of France put it on your list of  'must visit'.
Sadly the old lady let us down on the motorway by having a puncture.  Changing a tyre on the hard shoulder as lorries whizz by on their way down to Spain at an alarming speed inches from your head is not my idea of fun.
And if you just happened to be on the A61 heading down towards Narbonne today and wondered who the figure was jumping up and down frantically waving her arms,  that was me !

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