Friday, 15 September 2006

Tony and Gordon

"Tony Blair will always be my friend " says Gordon Brown.

I was seven feet up doing a balancing act on the stepladders. One of the very many jobs facing an owner of a Maison de Maitre situated in the South of France is the adaptation of curtains for either the blistering heat of the long summer months or the short sharp bursts of cold that greet us around January. (We usually have Christmas lunch outside) . I'm in the North side of the house now (may as well start early) and I'm replacing beautiful embossed linen drapes picked up for 8 euro's each at the local brocante for something more substantial and lined as double glazing does not feature high on our list of priorities. Neither does the most handsome wrought iron balustrade which stood with my name on it yesterday as I paid 10 euro's each for two wooden bedside tables, (Mirepoix Brocante). The house does not need it of course, it has enough original features without adding more, even so it's occupying my thoughts.

And talking about my thoughts, what really struck me as quite profound yesterday was the comment from Gordon Brown that it was the fact that himself and Tony had had a working relationship for over 25 years which would enable them to remain good friends. "It is after all" he added "Longer than most relationships" which led me to ponder as I struggled with the curtain hooks, whether , after a 25 year relationship how many people could truthfully say they were good friends ?

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