Sunday, 29 October 2006

British Summer Time in France

It's time to change the clocks again, Spring forward, Fall back is the only way I can remember it. Our neighbouring village Brezilhac is still on the old time judging by the church bells this morning which I can hear gently ringing out across the valley. Not that any one cares as it is the night after the Vin Primeur celebrations when they crack open the casks and try the new wine, and do they try it !!

Psychologically though it is difficult to reconcile oneself to the approach of winter as yesterday was 28 degrees and the pool was sparkling and quite delightful. The French however religiously close down their pools on 1st September so we are viewed with deep suspicion and thought of as quite mad, a view now shared by the Small Cross One and 2b who have gone completely French and are donning thick jeans and sleep with their windows and shutters tightly closed.

Twice a year His Lordship expounds his knowledge and burbles on about the Greenwhich Meridian. We lie on it more or less so solar time here is the same as in London. But being nearer to the Equator by a 1,000 miles or so the twilight in the morning or evening is much shorter, a fact that I know is going to be repeated shortly over a delicious cup of steaming coffee and a hot buttery croissant taken outside The Chateau in the warm morning sun.

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