Thursday, 5 October 2006

Easy Jet and Mince Pies

By the time I noticed the e mail from Easyjet I only had a few hours left to book any flights before midnight, never mind 45% off. I blame His Lordship for downloading a spam blocker, it's certainly managed to block off far too much in my opinion, or to be more precise, waste a valuable amount of time this week what with sorting the unblocking of the blocking, if that makes sense. I'm working in the dark most of the time anyway, and I don't mean burning the midnight oil either.

I think problems with the computer have overtaken everything else when it comes to being high up on the list of culprits for matrimonial strife. Who's got time for an illicit liaison these days anyway? and what with so many numbers to remember for every plastic card, passwords for every activity on the internet you could hardly be blamed for forgetting your own name sometimes, never mind your illicit lovers.

By 11.30 though I was becoming rather tetchy. I had already decided that the four of us were off to see the "Golden Oldies" for a pre-christmas break. In my minds eye I could see over crowded, over stuffed, over hyped, over priced shops. Coupled with the rosy faced cheeks of the Salvation Army as they pumped out those jolly festive tunes we all so love "God rest ye merry Gentlemen" and so forth.

In the end though I secured four return flights for £144.36. Bravo for Easy Jet direct from Toulouse. "Hip Hip Hooray" and only ten minutes to spare.

So I'll be there, sampling Blighty in all it's pre-Christmas glory. (Not forgetting a healthy intake of mince pies).

Just in time though to nip back for Christmas, where hopefully, once again, we may enjoy our roast turkey sitting in granduer outside gazing at the snow capped Pyrenees in the background.

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