Friday, 20 October 2006

Ronde du Malpere

Today I noticed that the berries on the hollybush had started to turn red, a sure sign of ' you know what' fast approaching. I refuse to say the word when it's only October although I did rush and quickly knock up a rather artistic shot involving a certain chap who wears a red coat and sports a long white beard. This was to be for my 'you know what' promotion for the apartment but in the end the fabulous shot of the pool always wins hands down.

This weekend we have the sixth Ronde du Malpere held in the very pretty village of Lauraguel. Wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends and sample the diverse selection of wines from the Malpere region. To celebrate the harvest the following weekend we have a soiree in our very own village involving yet more raising of glasses to the lips but in this case its the vin primeur. As everyone knows this is a wine to be treated with respect and a cautious intake is recommended. After every event though it gives the village shop enough gossip to carry them through to the following year.

The Small Cross One appeared after school and devoured every last chocolate crunch. Just as bits of rice krispies were making a trail through the hallway she spied the door open to the cellar. "What on earth is he doing out" ? she demanded and I have to admit he did look rather odd with his boots sticking out at a drunken angle.

Think I shall take him to the Ronde du Malpere tomorrow, who ? Father Christmas of course !!!

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