Thursday, 19 October 2006

Turbo Lister 2 and raspberries for afters

I've spent the entire day grappling with Turbo Lister 2. Before today I might have thought it was one of those video games or playstation thingybobs, or am I five years out of date ? Oh heavens who knows I was prepared to give it my all for EBay's 10p listings day.

Wallflower makes it all sound so easy, but then as I keep on repeating parrot like fashion to His Lordship " I was not an IT bod in my former life". I'm going to get a badge made up which I shall wear on a daily basis. Might swizzle round the wording too depending on how the mood takes me.

After about six hours I felt I was getting somewhere. At least I could see out of the library windows as His Lordship in a show of solidarity was cleaning the glass, heavens suddenly the Pyrenees looked so much closer. I felt on reflection that I had come so close to breaking through the pain barrier, but then as luck would have it I seemed to trip up at the finishing line.

2b breezed in with a number two haircut (I might have that wrong too) and cheerily applied the cutters to His Lordship. With two new spruced up men I thought a celebration was in order. Recklessly purchasing a punnet of beautiful Autumn raspberries I floated back to a previous life when I grew strawberries and raspberries and the trials and tribulations of Turbo Lister 2 were a horror not yet encountered. At least you knew were you were in those days. If the sun shone you were happy , if it rained you were miserable, simple.

2b bounced up to the computer, after a couple of clicks he announced that it was "all sorted".

When I pointed out, not unreasonably I thought, that it was still not downloaded or uploaded or even "sorted" he looked very reflective.

He popped the last raspberry into his mouth, gosh it must have tasted divine. "hmmm" he said, "y'know you really were quite good at growing them weren't you, why did you give it up" ?

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