Friday, 17 November 2006

Aga and Christmas Cake

Whilst the kettle was on the Aga and the household slowly stirred into life I stood idly by the front door. This is the view that greeted me. Ten minutes later and the huge golden orb of the rising sun had transformed the sky yet again.

I've been rather bereft though for the past few days without my computer. In some ways though it would be fair to say that everyone else has benefitted greatly. The Aga for example has become my temple for worship. In three days the table has been laden with Treacle Tart, Shortbread, Passion Cake and Rice Pudding. I've even pondered over Christmas Cake Recipes because whilst I freely admit to sitting outside a few days this week barely clad under the hot sun and enjoying myself I realise that I have responsibilities.

Of course it wouldn't be difficult to wake up to this view yourself on Christmas morning, all you have to do is visit Le_Snail_Francais on e bay and make a bid (And you'll be offered a luscious slice of homemade Christmas Cake ) !!

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