Thursday, 2 November 2006

All Saints Day in France

November 1st is All Saints Day in France which means a bank holiday as the nation reflect upon their deceased. It's particularly useful to know this fact if you are expecting car hire to be available from Carcassonne airport, it isn't, as our latest guests from Scotland found out.

Never mind they were all smiles when they eventually arrived, as was the taxi driver who could charge double on a bank holiday. They appeared to be wearing ski jackets which was puzzling. I had already told them to bring their swimming costumes, the reply was short but sweet, "we don't do swimming costumes in November'.

Two nights earlier we had sat in the dining room with the windows wide open watching the night sky behind the Pyrenees gently turning inky blue and the bats darting in and out the barn feasting on the flies in the warm air whilst congratulating ourselves on finding such a heavenly and peaceful spot. His Lordship had been rather mischevious and decanted some rather expensive wine that one of the guests had bought into one of his own bottles. The interesting thing is that no-body had noticed, not even the so-called 'wine buff' that sat amongst us. Afterwards he brandished the empty bottle triumphantly proclaiming that his 1.49 euro bottle of Tricastin was the find of the month, a fact which no-one could disagree with.

This morning although the sun is shining gloriously even I have to admit that the temperature has dropped. His Lordship won't be deterred though and he is out making a show of pulling back the pool cover.

The guests meanwhile are sitting peacefully enjoying the warmth outside looking forward to a tour of the local wine Domaines in the Grand Duchess, no doubt congratulating themselves on having the sense NOT to bring their costumes.

I'm off to look for my wetsuit.

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