Saturday, 18 November 2006

Christmas Shopping...... no thanks

It was a difficult day all in all. The Small Cross One had planned a Christmas shopping spree in Carcassonne. "Would I like to join them"? I was sweetly asked. I'd fallen for that one before and with an utterly glorious day without a cloud in the sky common sense prevailed. His Lordship rolled back the pool cover and we settled on the sunbeds, paperbacks in hand. I was gently wriggling my toes in the warmth of the sun with His Lordship testing the pool and paddling. Suddenly the peace of the afternoon was rudely interupted.The Small Cross One marched out with a face like thunder glaring angrily at the twinkling pool. "Put your clothes on
immediately" she ordered. Too late, the friends Mother appeared at the poolside clad in layers of thick woollens. She appeared startled at first but then composed herself sufficiently to enquire as to whether we had actually been in the pool. "Heavens above" we both chortled, "we're not that crazy"

Fortunately tomorrow is Sunday and here in France we remain civilized and observe that quaint and old fashioned belief that shops should remain firmly closed.

Which means I can lie blissfully back and not feel guilty that I have no Christmas shopping whatsover !

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