Friday, 10 November 2006

Collioure for my wedding annivesary

Another Wedding Anniversary. Just like it was then, a beautiful day in Dorset, so it is here now. Of course being a mere 1,000 miles to the South it's 20 degrees warmer and there is every chance that I shall be going into the sea at nearby Collioure. Had I braved the waters at Lyme Regis or Burton Bradstock on the 10th November I may well have ended up with a bad case of pneumonia on my honeymoon.

Collioure will look beautiful today. The sea will be a deep blue and with the small cobbled streets and houses painted in vibrant southern colours it is easy to see why Matisse, Picasso and others fell in love with it's charm.

From my own spot here at Le Chateau however it is easy to feel equally inspired. His Lordship and I are sitting looking down on the vines turning into their Autumn colours. Still no sign of any snow on the Pyrenees majestically rising on the horizon.

Unlike Matisse and Picasso however sadly my painting seems to consist of a more mundane nature and yesterday I put the finishing touches to the shutters of the apartment.

With the sun streaming through the rooms I became carried away with my camera. I now have a selection of shots typically Fran├žais to use in the promotion of my house sale.

2b and The Small Cross One demanded to know what on earth I thought I was up to drinking Pastis and eating lemons in the afternoon, how many more times do I have to explain to people that I actually WORK !

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