Tuesday, 14 November 2006

The Grand Duchess goes to The French Riviera

Here she is, all spruced up and waiting patiently to take our guests on a tour of the local domaines for a spot of wine tasting. As you step inside the aroma of leather and the walnut dashboard evoke memories of when motoring was an adventure, a bygone age of elegance.

I'm going to settle into her plush seats for a moment, close my eyes in the warm sun and take her on a trip.

We're off to the French Riviera. Le Metropole at Beaulieu Sur Mer to be exact. I'll sit out on the large terrace overlooking the Mediteranean and gently sip an iced Campari and Soda whilst perusing the gastronomic delights of the menu. Afterwards I may slip into the sea water pool kept at a constant 86 degrees or maybe gently motor along to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat or alternatively head off towards Menton.

"Are you ready" ? calls out His Lordship. AM I READY ? what kind of a dumb question is that ?

I climb out of her back seat with some reluctance. For some reason I've just had a duster pushed into my hand. Sadly the penny drops. In half an hour our guests are being ferried to a local vineyard. At the moment they are sitting in the warm sun enjoying an al fresco lunch outside, laughter is drifting down from the terrace and I hear a cork being popped and glasses tinkling.

I tell His Lordship about my trip. "Well" he says peering at me with suspicion, "I think you'll find that its closed from 20th October and re-opens on the 20th December which rather puts paid to your devilish little scheme does it not " ?

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