Saturday, 4 November 2006

Lunch in Mirepoix

It would be fascinating to know how many gargoyles there actually are in the Medieval town of Mirepoix. Leering down at you from the dizzying heights of the 15th century cathedral and tucked under the ancient arches there are hundreds of individually carved images ravaged by time and Mother Nature. His Lordship says that they were modelled on the inhabitants of the time dating back to 1300. I took a marvellous close up of one particularly grotesque looking individual to send to Mon Frere Jumeau.

I was feeling in need of some pampering so I reckoned I deserved to be taken to lunch at Le Relais Royale, sadly their lovely restaurant appeared to be closed at lunchtime. I could see that His Lordship was delighted that my best attempts to spend his money had been thwarted. Instead in a sunny corner of the square we spied a group of tables placed enticingly in the warm November sunshine. Saveurs des Couverts is a wonderful Boulangerie/Patisserie. We had the best confit de canard served with potato wedges fried in duck fat. His Lordship is a connoisseur in these important matters and declared himself more than satisfied with his duck and chips which he had been angling for all along. The croustade de pomme that followed was a mouth watering confection of layers of flakey pastry, apples and slightly warm creme patissiere. For 15 euro's a head including wine we were impressed.

Purring home in The Grand Duchess we admired the diversity of the countryside. No vines here but lovely white cattle dotted on the rolling hills.

Sitting in the back I became quite soporific.

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