Thursday, 30 November 2006

My Aquascutum Coat

2b seemed in unusually high spirits a little before seven this morning. "You look very smart" I said approvingly. "Yep" he replied inbetween mouthfuls of warm croissant. I peered a little more closely at what appeared to be a rather dashing and well cut navy blue three quarter coat. "Er, hang on a minute" I said, the truth of the origin of the coat beginning to dawn on me. "That looks suspiciously similar to my Aquascutum wool and cashmere classic French style overcoat. "Well" he said in a defensive tone "I just found it hanging in a cupboard doing nothing"
"Yes" I replied as tartly as I could, " coats do have a tendancy to do that when their owners are not wearing them". But the irony of my comment was lost on him entirely and he was off to cut a dash wearing his Mothers coat.

Still it is impossible to remain cross for long. Just look at this morning, with beautiful mists hanging amongst the hills and the promise of a large red sun about to appear my guests had started to stir. His Lordship had misheard the time that they had wanted breakfast. As they were speaking rapid Spanish he's forgiven.

Anyway you will never guess what I've just 'found' ?

A rather fetching coat just hanging in a cupboard doing nothing. With no shape whatsover insofar as I can ascertain and a large hood trimmed with fur that cheeky monkey is going to get a taste of his own medicine !

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