Lockdown from Bridport - Part 3 - Day 96

 'The Undertaker' has woken up with an excruciating toothache and embarks on a concoction of painkillers. Sadly for him there aren't any dentists to hand on a Sunday so he seizes upon my Mothers suggestion of whiskey for the pain. She said a miniature bottle, his interpretation of miniature differs greatly to hers...or mine for that matter. 

Not a day goes by without the washing machine going on with a bundle of clothes to deal with. 'The Undertaker' complains that there are clothes everywhere. 'I run a preloved clothes shop' I remind him. 'If I ran an off licence the place would be stacked with booze, or a confectionary shop, there would doubtless be boxes of chocolates. As hard as you try you can never escape the shop, it follows you home in one way or another. 'Have you ever thought of running a gun shop' he says wistfully. Such is the life of living with an ex infantry officer.

Last few hours of prep for tomorrow, heaven knows what else there could be to do but there is. In the end everything I haven't sorted I throw into the back room, shovelling it all out of sight. Out of sight out of mind is my motto. To my relief 'Office Darling' shows up, she is a terrific sign writer so I set her to work on my A board which will be outside the shop tomorrow. 'Come in, we are open'. I stared at it awhile, it felt strange. I counted out a small cash float, (does anyone use cash anymore?) and fiddled with a face shield a friend had given me. Does anyone show their full face anymore? 

Once home I nip over the road to where my favourite blossom tree is about to burst into flower. A taxi pulls up and the driver gets out with a takeaway meal. I thought he was going to sit in the churchyard and eat it himself but no, he's delivering it to someone. It strikes me as extravagant but then perhaps I've forgotten the meaning of extravagance. 

I'm not going to rise to the challenge of limping to a 100 blog posts, as far as I'm concerned my lockdown ends at midnight tonight. But wait, what am I saying? I've been as free as a bird to do more or less as I please for the last three months. No lie in for me tomorrow, no sitting having a leisurely cosy lunch in my lovely warm kitchen, no strolling round the garden peering at new shoots. 

Tomorrow I have to adhere to a new timetable.


Thank you all for sticking by me for our third lockdown, I hope my daily doings of absolutely nothing have kept you amused, it's certainly helped me through the last 96 days knowing you are out there.  

Look after yourselves, stay close to those you love and don't judge others too harshly, we're all paddling away furiously just below the surface. x


Little Red Hen said…
I’ve enjoyed your daily musings. Thank you and good luck with your shop.
Anonymous said…
Have absolutely loved reading all your posts! Thank you for the daily smile and chuckle or reality.
Procrastinaire said…
Hope the reopening went well and you’ve had a good week. I’ll miss your musings but dear god please let there not be another lockdown even if it does bring you back. This one has been particularly tough.

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