Wednesday, 29 November 2006

One of my favourite places

A lot of people might imagine that having got myself a captive audience on my humble little blog I am going to do nothing but upload slick shots of my beautiful home to try and entice you to come and stay.

Well you would be wrong which is why I'm sharing one of my favourite spots with you. This is my woodshed/potting shed/drying shed and the best place to mooch when you want to shed all your responsibilities (excuse the pun, not intentional)

Anyway ...........

I've spent the morning preparing the guest room. I've popped fresh roses on the dressing table and replenished the coffee and tea bags. The tiles in the hallway have been polished to perfection and there's a lovely large vase of holly picked from the garden (my festive touch).

So, the plan is, once the guests have arrived and settled themselves in I'm going to tip toe off and be wholly, totally and recklessly irresponsible and hide myself away.

Only drawback is that His Lordship has discovered this trick of mine and sneaks in too !

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