Tuesday, 21 November 2006

The Titanic. What to give the person with everything this Christmas

It's creeping up on us whether we like it or not and only last week Wise Owl had sighed that she was faced with the problem on what to give the man who had everything for Christmas. "The Titanic" was my instant response. She fixed me with a blank look. But who could fail to be seduced by this beauty ? Measuring just 2 inches long and made from nickel with a lovely worn feel combined with amazing detail she has sat on our black marble mantlepiece for some time now. I'm agonizing whether to pop her on e bay today along with a few other lovelies that I've collected. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Of course if you want to be truly original and stylish then you should arrange a trip in The Grand Duchess with His Lordship.

Whilst we are on the subject though I doubt if many women were presented with a cement mixer last year. All my own fault of course, essential to get your 'wish list' pinned up in good time.

Dear Father Christmas................................

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