Wednesday, 20 December 2006

24/7 Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Dined like royalty last night. Roast English Pheasant with all the trimmings. Went to bed full and content and after arranging hot water bottles to suit my requirements fell into a deep sleep.

Terribly excited as Mon Frère Jumeau (my twin brother) arrives later on today with his hugely talented wife Nikki Townsend who is a Psychotherapist and Life Coach based in the lovely town of Bristol. Absolutely chocca with clients by all accounts, helping people to achieve happier and more fulfilling lives and reach their goals. Well let's face it, she has swung 8 nights in the most beautiful house for Christmas, adorned with holly and ivy from the garden for the festivities ahead. A log fire slumbers peacefully in the sitting room whilst the dining room is flooded with sunlight, the aroma of my satsuma's and cloves filling the air along with the woodsmoke. Now to my mind to bag yourself an invite somewhere so absolutely divine is some achievement at the end of a knackering year. Not only that but for my guests comfort and wellbeing I have donated my electric blanket to their bed. Suppose there's still time to change my mind on that one though, there's nice and then there's just downright stupid and I'm hovering between the two.

To show though that I am an undemanding soul and can achieve happiness through simplicity there is a plate of apples placed on the dining table. Every single day so far I have drawn pleasure from looking at them. This is apparently what so many people these days fail to achieve, hence Nikki's excellent profession.

But for now 2b and I face an enormous pile of logs that need to be sawn and put away. If I can turn this into a postive and rewarding experience sans tears, Mother and son working in harmony for the comfort and wellbeing of the family then I have truly performed miracles and will have achieved everything that even the very best Life Coach/Psychotherapist on hand 24/7 would have some difficulty in orchestrating.

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