Wednesday, 6 December 2006

All sun and fun ................sooooooooooo untrue

Today is the third annivesary of our habitation of Le Chateau. It's a cold, wet, grey and thoroughly miserable day. Immediate and drastic action is called for lest a gloom descends. A quick flick through the photographs soon has me recalling with some horror how we lived during our first winter. This provides an immediate uplift of the spirits.

It's so unfair that some people accuse me of leading the life of riley, all fun and sun. It simply is soooooooo untrue, you only have to Google Carcassonne weather to see that it is raining today for example. I cannot imagine where people would get this idea from.

A distinctly 'un fun' moment though was saying "au revoir" to a local builder who stank of alcohol at all times of the day. On his way out I asked him to close the front door.

"Front door" he sneered, "You don't have a front door" !

And for once I was rendered speechless as I realized in one awful moment that he was right.

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